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SalonSpecial Silk Essence
SalonSpecial Silk Essence
SalonSpecial Silk Essence

Net: 15ml×10 e 0.5 fl.oz.×10

A 7 minute miracle treatment that turns weak and damaged shaft into strong and healthy one

The revolutionary formula penetrates into hair cortex and rebuilds damaged disulfide bonds in just 7 minutes! It delivers strength to hair strand and regains elasticity, leaves hair stronger and healthier. Highly recommended for all types of hair from colored, permed to bleached type of hair condition.

Professional Salon Product.
Use with Straightening Cream or Perm Lotion: Mix appropriate amount of Silk essence with neutralizer.
Best as a post treatment: Apply Silk Essence on towel-dried hair from roots to ends and rinse well. For best results, mix with LPP at a ratio of 1:10 or PPT treatment with a ratio of 1:1.

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